Rosemary Haynes is a photographer from Western Massachusetts. By means of a view camera, Haynes creates images that explore ideas of lore and memory. Haynes is interested in images which entangle the personal archive and the “present moment” that a photograph creates.

In relation to her work, Haynes has recently been drawn to reflection on the experience of quickly peddling down the bike path after nightfall -- trusting you won’t collide with something between where you are now and the next source of light that lies quite a stretch ahead. 

Haynes has participated in group exhibitions at the Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY, Jill Krutrick Fine Art, West Chester, NY, and the SE Center for Photography, Greenville, SC. Her photograph, A Gift in the Emulsions, was recently selected to be included in the first seasonal volume of Black Flower Publishing, titled, “the promise of spring.” You can read about her ongoing project arnica here.

Haynes spends her working days under the protection of a safelight, earning a living as gelatin silver printer at a fine-art lab in Brooklyn, NY. Haynes graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in May 2021 with a BA in Social and Political History, minoring in photography. Pittsburgh remains to be her favorite place.